The famous 3-Bridges Walk

Everyone in Mainz and the "Mainspitze" Region have heard of the famous "3-Bridges Walk". I would like to "guesstimate" that almost all of us have experienced the walk at least once! What is it? It is an approximately 9.0 km (3.5 miles) walk (if you stick to the route along the Rhine and Main Rivers, and don't stop too often for beer or wine along the way!) along the Rhine and Mouth of the Main crossing-- you guessed it! Three Bridges! It is an easy walk with beautful sites and vistas of Mainz, the Rhine and the whole Mainpspitze area. Normally, the walk will take around 2 hours (depending on how often you stop for breaks for Rhine wine!).

If you use the Route Planer (located on the left-hand side of this page), the destination location is a perfect place to park your car and get started!

I am working on the exact map right now. It will be posted soon-- there is, however, a link with a great map from Axel Magard on his Blog Spot, however starting the walk from the Rosengarten (Rose Garden) in Mainz: